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Eastern Canada: Keep Exploring


Eastern Canada is Vermont’s nearest foreign neighbor, and geographically desirable enough to include in any New England motorcoach tour. While Montreal, Quebec is the largest French-speaking city outside of France, Quebec City is reminiscent of Europe at its most fascinating. And Ottawa, in nearby Ontario, has a charm all its own.

We discovered the village of Tadoussac in 2015, and have been successful in combining this amazing destination with Vermont, Quebec City, and Montreal.

Tadoussac is the oldest village in North America and has been selected as member of UNESCO’S Most Beautiful Bays in the WORLD Club! This is where the Saguenay Fjord meets the St. Lawrence River estuary. Travelers from every country come here to admire the abundant whale species in this exceptional environment that is teeming with rich food for marine mammals. For an unparalleled experience with nature, we are privileged to offer this destination. Join Custom Tours in Tadoussac, and discover the extraordinary charm of this picturesque little hamlet.


Motorcoach Tour Highlights:








  • Whale watching 
  • Fjord
  • Marine Mammal Interpretation Center
  • Hotel Tadoussac
  • Sand Dunes
  • Marine Mammals
  • Bird Watching



Local color

The east coast of Canada was settled by Vikings in approximately 1000 AD.

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