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Massachusetts: The Bay State


Massachusetts is the state that offers the most variety and most definitely requires more than one visit. Boston, the Cradle of American Liberty, is certainly a must see; its narrow streets offer you a glimpse into the history and turmoil from Revolutionary days. Boston’s educational institutions continue to attract scholars, scientists, and poets who certainly continue to shape Boston’s evolving culture. 

Ole Cape Cod warrants at least 3–5 nights to truly experience all it has to offer. Relax, unwind, munch on lobster, and simply enjoy this serene part of Massachusetts. The very different islands of Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard, sand dunes, whale watches, harbor cruises, and captain’s homes are just a few reasons to be sure to plan enough time on the Cape for your group.

The Berkshires, sometimes referred to as the Inner Newport – is a perfect destination on the way to or from the rest of New England. Nestled on the western side of Massachusetts, the Berkshires are best known for Norman Rockwell and Tanglewood – the summer home of the Boston Symphony Orchestra. There are many “cottages” to tour, including the summer homes of Edith Wharton and David Chester French, sculptor of Abraham Lincoln for the Lincoln Memorial. 

Salem, Massachusetts and the area north of Boston are not to be missed on one of your Massachusetts itineraries. Salem, commonly referred to as The Witching Seaport is filled with places of interest. The Salem Witch Museum, The House of Seven Gables, and the Peabody Essex Museum are just an inkling of what Salem has to offer. 

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Cape Cod, Massachusetts is known as the Land of Lighthouses — more lighthouses than any other area in America. Today, seven lighthouses remain functional.

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