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Vermont: the Green Mountain State


Welcome to our home state of Vermont! We at Custom Tours, Inc. are proud to reside in this beautiful State.

Vermont offers some of our country’s most spectacular scenery combined with unique and exciting attractions, a comfortable climate, fine dining, exquisite accommodations, and that good-ole New England hospitality!

Receptive operators are an important part of the Vermont Tourism Industry. They have knowledge of the State and have a close relationship with the people that make Vermont special. Linda Edelman is such a person and her custom tours will include the hidden treasures of Vermont that visitors search for.

—Christiane Skinner,
Department of Tourism & Marketing, State of Vermont

All too rarely encountered and destined as a group for extinction, native Vermonters touch our hearts in charming, old-fashioned ways: with their directness, humility, wit, and ease with animals. Custom Tours, Inc. looks forward to sharing the customs and traditions of the quirky, funny, lovely folks who are so deeply influenced by the richness and harmony of the place they call home…Vermont!

Vermont offers many exceptional and diverse touring options: Ben and Jerry’s, maple sugar houses, wineries, breweries, historic homes such as Hildene, where Lincoln’s descendants lived until 1975, breathtaking 18-hole golf courses, panoramic hiking,  gentle canoeing, culinary programs,  spectacular snowshoeing, and fantastic skiing!

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Local color

The Morgan Horse is Vermont’s State animal. The original Morgan stallion, named Figure, had one less vertebra than normal, which made him more rugged and versatile than other horses. His offspring inherited these characteristics.

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